About Shan

I have been experimenting with art, and particularly painting, since an early age, but began painting seriously when I moved from Somerset to South Devon, fulfilling a lifelong dream to live near the sea.

Now I find the beauty of my surroundings helps to inspire a wide variety of work, and I am still learning and experimenting with new ideas, processes and media.

Living by the South Devon coastline and nearby Dartmoor, I began a journey of discovery which has led me to meet and learn from a variety of talented and lovely people.

My main subject matter is landscape, which I increasingly tend to take towards abstraction. Collage and mixed media play an important role in my painting. Texture and colour are equally important in creating atmosphere, mood and emotion.

Sometimes found materials from the place which inspired the subject of the painting are incorporated in my work. This gives a richness of texture appropriate to the subject.